Have you ever travelled to a different country and were surprised by how different traffic can be? For me, this was the starting point of my PhD research.

The big question I want to answer in my dissertation is, how does culture influence traffic behaviour? To do so, I take pedestrian crossings, also known as zebra crossings, as my research objects and analyse how traffic behaviour and as a result, traffic safety varies between different European countries.

This website serves as documentation of the process and the results.

A Disstertation on Pedestrian Crossings

Sounds strange? Believe me, pedestrian crossings are a very interesting research field. But how are they connected with culture?

About me

I am Julius and I am doing my PhD at Bauhaus-Universtiy in Weimar.


I document my research and other interesting zebra crossings I come across on my Instagram account @european.zebra

My project is following the goals of the „Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030“ proclaimed by the United Nations, which targets to reduce fatalities and serious injuries from traffic accidents by 50%.